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In my seventeenth year.


Don't let anyone's bullshit stop you, do what you want to do.✌❤


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One day I'm going to get the hang of this updating thing. Just not today. Or tomorrow.


My updating schedule is like snow in Louisiana. Practically nonexistent.


I make book covers. Anyone need a new book cover?

Also edit books in my free time.


Want to collaborate on a book or short story/one shot?


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Completed Books:

<√> He Calls Me Kitty (Adommy)

<√> The Bro-Code (BoyxBoy)


Ongoing Books:

<×> The Love Code (BoyxBoy)

<×> Tumblr Posts

<×> Begging For Relief (Adommy)


Books On Hiatus:

<•> All Or Nothing (Adommy)


Upcoming Books:

<> Our Collision (BoyxBoy)

<> Save Me (GirlxGirl)

<> Yes, Master (BDSM)

<>Teach Me, Sir (BDSM)


Books I Frequently Publish To Un-publish:

<> Bromance (Incest/BoyxBoy+)

<> Tie Me Up And Dominate Me (BDSM)

<> Bleeding Love (BoyxBoy)

<> On Your Knees (BDSM)


Bleu, always Bleu.™

¥Laters, baby.¥

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Writer_Babe Writer_Babe Aug 12, 2017 06:29AM
I won't be continuing my Adommy books. I'll be focusing on my original book The Love Code. You guys should check it out, it's bxb or mxm. :) And after it's finished maybe I'll continue the Adommy boo...
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Begging For Relief (Adommy) by Writer_Babe
Begging For Relief (Adommy) Fanfiction
The Famous Singer/Actor Adam Lambert decides to take a break from his world of fame upon the release of his fortuned album 'Trespassing'. To pass the time during this vacation, he decides to take a job as a tea...
All Or Nothing (Adommy) by Writer_Babe
All Or Nothing (Adommy) Fanfiction
SEQUEL TO H.C.M.K. PLEASE READ H.C.M.K. FIRST ¥^¥^¥^¥^¥^¥ Love isn't slow. It's a blink of an eye miracle. Its a miracle. Love is a miracle. ••••°°°°•••• Adam and Tommy didn't have an easy path when it came to thei...
The Love Code (BoyxBoy) by Writer_Babe
The Love Code (BoyxBoy) Romance
∆SEQUEL TO 'The Bro-Code'∆ They're aren't any rules in love. I think that's why they managed to preserve nothing but their love. Love doesn't age; it's immune to anything if you'll allow it to be. ©Fay'linSparrow20...
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