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WriteOn Writers is a community focal point for former WriteOn members who want to carry on supporting each other here on Wattpad. Amazon pulled the plug on 22 March 2017, and having given the 'WriteOn Refugees' a chance to join and add their stories to the lists first, we have now opened this group to new members.

If your story fits the profile for what this group's objectives are and you're prepared to review others' stories in this group, please add a conversation message to this profile, including the Wattpad link to your story along with reasons it should be added here.

Also, if we add the tag WriteOnRefugee to our stories, a #WriteOnRefugee search will find them all.

We will create new reading lists for new genres as they are needed. If you are currently following a book, make sure you add it to your library so it appears in 'Current Reads' and follow the author so that you see their notifications about story progress.

Look out for the status of each story. Stories marked 'complete' are assumed to have a complete first draft but still require feedback. Thank you for joining our community and sharing your creations!
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*** *** Weekend Write-In for 13 Jul 2018 *** ***"sign": In 500 words, tell what happens when there is a signTo create your story:1) Click the 'create' menu item at the top of Wattpad2) In the 'ta...
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