"Rival Ackerman, at your service."

You look up. A girl stands before you, elegant and confident. She is not beautiful, not even pretty, but there is something about her that makes you want to keep looking. A crucifix rests in the hollow of her collarbone, devoid of embellishments. She is Protestant Christian, you realize.

"I apologize for keeping you out so long. This way, please."

She leads you through countless stone corridors, their walls riddled with engravings.

"Jeremiah 29:11," reads one. "Time Lady Forthlight," says another. You are slightly unnerved. Finally, you are brought to the palace's library. You are startled. Each book, although in pristine condition, is strewn across the floor, the desk, the shelves.

There is very intense music playing in the background. You can vaguely make out the lyrics.

"One by one... ceasefire... one by one... enemies..."

You glance at an unruly pile on the mahogany desk in the center. On the spines, you see "Six of Crows," "Naruto," and "Harry Potter and the..." You are quite certain you see a leather-bound tome behind the pile. As you crane your neck to see the title, you glimpse the letter H on top of the letter B in gold lettering.

In a corner is a cheap shelf, completely at odds with the opulence of the place. It is fenced of with garish "Danger" tape, and filled from top to bottom with stacks of paper, and folders. They are unfinished manuscripts, you realize with a start.

"Do enjoy yourself," says Lady Ackerman. She startles you. Funny how such a powerful presence can be dwarfed by the sheer number of books in a single place. "Should you need assistance, simply ring this bell and say, 'Bottom of the well.' Should you find your way to the theatre and need assistance there, you will find a similar bell. Ring that and say, 'Pail of water.' Follow the statement with whatever you need: an opinion, a request for a particular story, or even" -she winks- "a pair of socks. I will leave you now."
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