hi im world girl and i am always reading and imagining. im not that good at updateing so if you want me to update the bugme with comments and i will.
i love to clime trees and swim and i know a lot about marvel characters and dc caricters. as you might have gessed i am a tom boy so i hope you like my storys

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Worldgirl Worldgirl Jun 13, 2012 05:52PM
hay everyone any one who likes the beginning will be happy about this news i found the book that i wrote it down in.
            i lost it ages ago and now ive got it 
            hip hip horrey hip hip horrey now i dont...
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Anger and disparer hope and trust

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Description: a story of anger and hope ellen is a normal girl whos world is about to change in to an nightmer of disparer but there is hope from a famiy she whould never have imagend but will she be able to recover and m...


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A parable of two men in a bar

A parable of two men in a bar

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