Hi random person from another state (or country) I don't know what made you come over and look at me, but hi there! I originally came here to read books but... I have been tainted by all ya nasties.
My age is in the double digits, I am a Lesbian I am taken so don't try and seduce me, or they will rip you to shreds. Yes they. Take it as you will.
I always seem to act like a puppy or kitten for some reason so all I ask is a head pat or a treat (Cookies plz) and I am happy.
I love Wolves, Big Cats (Leopards, Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs they are all my babies❤😼❤), Snakes (MY BABY BOOP NODDLES AHH ADORABLE), Chocolate, Girls, Anime, and Fluffy things!
I Roleplay (smut most of the time😏) but just because I do that DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU!! I love because I view it as ACTING, which is one of my many passions. But if we do... Don't fucking hold out on me give me all you got I will take it!
Speaking of Roleplaying, I have OC's that I will Roleplay as (they come out slowly because got damn you can't find a good picture anywhere) but I also Rp as:

She-ra and the Princesses of Power
-Double Trouble (sometimes)


Steven Universe
-Peridot (ahhh sorta)

Five Nights At Freddy's (I still love it fight me)
-Circus Baby
-That's it

I may have forgotten a few, but if you are ever curious just ask! You never know I might love the charater so much that I add them to the list of my babies.
@Spirit_Hyde -Touch them and i will rip out all of your teeth and shove them up your ass before letting you bleed to death in the most humiliating way possible💕
@SillyKiwi916 -WOLFY!!
@EgotisticalAriana -big oof, great rper btw check her out!
@Goodofhyperdeath -we need to help him get a girl, he lonley.
@werewolf5112 -meanie... Jk your cool 😎
@Bratty_Babygirl_20 -This is a bean who I will protect with my god damm life, hurt her and You. Are. Dead.
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Wolfy_Fangirl2006 Wolfy_Fangirl2006 May 13, 2020 08:13AM
eh screw it imma make an RP book or at least an OC book cuz why the fuck not
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My Oc Book
This book has both Oc descriptions and possible scenarios, but I am mainly using this to tag stuff on
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