Hi! We're two lil prats (or maybe it's just Libra) that created a joint account.(Coff- Excuse me?- I- I- MOON-) (You- You- what? Huh?)(Sod off) (Shut up idiot)(Ur the idiot here- :P) (See? She's bullying me, the scrawny git)(I am NOT scawny- u git-)

I, iS known Libra,(The grey-haired, purple-eyed slytherin in our pfp), hv an other acc as @WIERDO_LeChaotic
Luna is my FAV little dreamer and the Weasley twins come second.
Slytherclaw with gryffindor tendecies(and proud of it) (yeah yeah)(sToP tEasiNg mE, mOoNs-)
I'm willing to do ANYTHING for my little Luna- So don't try anything- (oh yes I will)(Hell nah, you wont, Moon) (Oh yes I will, Libra)(Shut up, Moon-) (don't tell me to shut up you twat)(I can do what I want to do, so, piss off) (so can I, Dinky Diddydums, so I choose not to piss off you moron. Shut your face)(Now ur just being a bully-) (sure Diddykins)(Pink Toad-) (oh wait- didcha say you'd do anything for me? WELL THEN!!!)(LOVEGOOD, Moons)

Fav types of reads- Luna bonkers Harry, insane Harry, dark Harry, Slytherin Harry, and others......... (Which includes her being a total brat :D)(Like ur any better) (OwO maybe? But I'm obviously a good mom ÙwÚ)(I'm a better aunt ÒwÓ)

Okay, I'm abt done, call me Librarian if u want! (I prefer Libra tho-) (Okay, Schoolbooks ;D)(:[ ) (oH sChOoLbOoKs~)(...) (sChOoLbOoKs~~~~)(U suck) (so what~~~~~)(Hmpf)

Thanks for reading this hella long bio, Moons is next-

I am @cosmichxrry , the other owner of this account (The blondie ravenclaw, who looks like the kid of Luna and Draco, in the pfp).
My bio is in my main account ^^ (I don't want it to be so long just in case y'all get bored)
Please call me Luna or Moon (your pick!)
Starbucks and Drarry is my life!(She's just being a total bully to me rn-) (am not. You started it first you twat)(I DiD nOt!-)
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I'm not exactly sane, y'know? by Wolfstarshippers
I'm not exactly sane, y'know?
Harry was sane. Was. Until he finally cracked under the pressure of the foul treatment from a toad-like woman...
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Random CrAp- by Wolfstarshippers
Random CrAp-
JuSt sOmE stUfF, cOz I dOnt wAnT tHem to bE iN mY oThEr bOoK/sToRy- Also mebbe some short stories-
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