(X) Ꮳυяяєитℓу oи α Wяιтιиg Hïαтυs
(X) Ꮳυяяєитℓу σв∂ѕєѕѕιиg σνєя тhє Ꭵиfιиιту Ꮤαя тяαιℓєя
( )Ꭴиℓιиє (X) Ꭴffℓιиє
( ) Ꭶυρρσѕє∂ Ꮏσ ве Ꭶℓєєριиg
( ) Wяιтιиg ( ) Rєα∂ιиg
( ) Ꮳruѕнïиg (X) Ꭶiиglе Рriиglе
(X) Ꮳurreитly веiиg Ꭶнïpped


Sunday: Something
Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: Songbird
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: Nothing
Friday: Indo-Trainer Reboot
Saturday: Player 1

Funny Chat Convos:
[redrawerty]: "I bet you're an ODer!"
[Wolfie_82]: "And your proof?"
[redrawerty]: "YOUR SASS."
[Rest of the Server]: "LMAO", "LMFAO", or "wtf XD"

I'll save you my explanation with a quick 10 questions game-
1. What's your gender? A: Female
2: How old are you? A: Private
3. Favorite color? A: Purple/Greyscale
4: Favorite movie ship? A: Youtube counts right? Cuz ZANEMAU ALL THE WAY!
5: Zodiac? A: Capricorn
6: Fanfic or OG? A: Fanfic
7: Imagines or Preferences? A: Preferences
8: Bookworm or Gamer? A: Both
9: Girly girl or Tomboy? A: In between
10: Your real life crush? A: Don't have one cuz reasons.

You can find me on a lot of websites. I actually mean it. You can most commonly find me on:
~ROBLOX (Wolfie_82)
~Wattpad (Wolfie82) XD
~Steam (Wolfie_82)
~Origin (Wolfie_8261)
~Discord (ꍏ ꋪ ꉓ ꍏ ꀸ ꀤ ꍏ)
~Minecraft (_Valenian_)
...and that's 'bout it.

Luv you my wolf pups! Wolfie out :3
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" are you supposed to be in there? " " maybe. what's it to you? " " just that a dangerous creature lives in there. " " look around. there are dangerous creatures everywhere. "
S-1000 (Lab Rats FF) by Wolfie82
S-1000 (Lab Rats FF) Fanfiction
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Pokemon book of oneshots and stories. All oneshots/stories are my ideas or a request taken from someone. SAY HELLO TO INSANITY AND WELCOME TO THE FANDOM! I mean uh, welcome to Pokemon! Requests are accepted always...