I have no life and I have no idea why you would click onto my page thingy mahbob, and the stories I do write that I never have the guts to post suck, but whatever.

Random facts about me:

Favourite food: Either pizza or chocolate, I can never decide.

Favourite book(s): Anything Rick Riordan, The Lunar Chronicles by Marrisa Meyer (not Twilight Meyer Twilight is dumb), or Mercenary Magic by Ella Summers. (That's about pizza, a sexy dragon, and a sassy heroine, two of my favourite things, and the dragon ain't so bad either){too many favorites}

Favourite Movie: Either Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Coco, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, or something Star Wars. Or Disney, yeah Disney.

Favourite TV show(s): The Flash, Arrow, RWBY, and my personal favorite, Supernatural.

Real name: Rumplestiltskin (I think I spelled it right)

Age: 1,000,001

Favourite subject in school: History, lunch.

Least favorite subject in school: Learning.

Well, that's all folks. *waves hand goodbye*
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