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Hey! I am Witch_Light! Thanks for dropping by, even if I have no idea on what to put about myself. I was never good at this. Well one thing is for sure, I am here because I love to write! And I mean write anything! Poems, fanfics, my real stories (Mostly Paranormal) And since you are here please check out what I have so far! I hope you all like the things I write, my dream is to become a writer! :) I love reading all kinds of things. if its about Vampires or something I will read it! I am not big on romance, but I can read it :) I am a opened minded person, and I love meeting new people and making friends, so want to talk, just send me a message.

I love vampires and I mean love them, but so does everyone else. I love Vampire Dairies (Go Damon and Stefan, I cant choose and no one can make me!) Yes, I am a twilight fan, you will get over it if you don't like it.Also my favorite is SUPERNATURAL!!! Love that show!!! I also love to Role-play. So if you ever want to Role-play just message me :) Also, I love ANIME! Huge fan of it!!!

I am a huge animal person. I rescued my now dog Max from abusing past owners. I want to work with them sometime in my life. So yes, I see a vet and a writer in my future. My best friend on this site @Katherine101 She is the person that got me back into my writing, after quitting for so long.

So thats it about me... want to now more message me. Fan me and I will fan back!

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Witch_Light Witch_Light Dec 11, 2015 02:12AM
Gosh its been a while since I have commented or even spoken! Wanted to let everyone know, I am back and alive! >.> (Pats body down to make sure I'm alive.) Yep, I'm alive! Since I didn't finish the f...
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Its always Dark behind the Light

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Description: (Twilight Fanfic) After the battle with Volturi, life has been great and peaceful. That is until Alice starts hearing a voice in her head, and seeing the past she had before she was turn... now she has to ba...


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