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Hiya guys! I'm Star and I'm a twenty-one year old college student who's majoring in English. Saying that, I am not perfect at English. Never have been, never will be, and I really don't want to be!

A little bit about me: I'm a hyper, happy, love to talk, love to learn, and a really weird female. The truth of the matter is, I love it! I love to talk to people and I love to help. I love to hear from my readers and I love getting opinions, they're always well loved by me.

As for my stories: I love to experiment with stories. All of my stories have some sort of romance, but it's always combined with other genres. I love to play around with cliche's and social if you're reading and you're like "that's not normal" just remember, I'm not normal. :P I will try to update every Friday, sometimes I'll update sooner, other times I might update a few days late. I will try my hardest to keep you all updated!

I am currently not accepting any requests for editing, critiquing, reviewing, or reading. Any comments on my profile or stories will be removed and any to my inbox will be ignored. I don't mean to be rude, but I don't have the time to do that.

Some amazing people that I love on here and have helped me out a lot: @29Stix @slw8911 @BeyondWriting01 (he's a copy cat <3) @StoryGazer @Trawee @CMGrey @NikkiBunny01 @RandiRavenous, @ProjectMyst, and @Aiyoku-Chan. I love these guys and their stories so feel free to stalk them! ;3

If you ever want to talk and get to know more about me, shoot me a PM and I'll respond when I can~
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Hello my friends!Can you believe that we're already at chapter 10? It's pretty amazing to me, but maybe I'm just weird like that!I really hope that you're all enjoying this and I promise I'm tryi...
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The Lost Healer by WishingStar01
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