Hey guys...
I'm pretty confused on what to say so.
Hi you can call me Greyson! I don't really do a lot of writing, but one Friday night I was bored and decided "What the heck."
I'm a bit obsessive and I read a lot.
Anyway I like the colors green and purple (red is good too) I am a Slytherin, my greek god is Athena (I took a quiz) and I'm just rambling right now.
I am just writing for fun so I really don't care if nobody reads my stories, I just wanted to put my ideas on paper, or err the webby thingy. (I'm great with words)
So have fun *thumbs up*.
By the way! Most of what I write is science lab analyses (I think it's the plural form) and when I write that I go from whatever you think I sound like to using big words and basically just sounding very formal.
Nothing else to say so I'll just leave now.
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