I'm WB aka WinterBlossom

I'm a flower ninja, I kill with my pedals of death.... NAAA i'm kidding.
I love writing, it is amazing.
I want to get better and show my ideas off to everyone. I heard from someone I know that this is a good site. So i will show you all what i'm made of. Please If you read any of my story's and you see the grammar or spelling is wrong.
Please, Please let me know.I don't want to put stuff up and your like hey that's not how it is.
So read and enjoy!!!

Favorite things shows and what not.

Doctor Who!
Torch Wood
One Day
Sound of Music
Spirited away
fruit basket
the wallflower
Welcome to the NHK
Moulin rouge

Blue bloods novel
The It girl novel

Vote, Comment, Fan and all the other nice things.
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WinterBlossom101 WinterBlossom101 Apr 18, 2014 07:10PM
http://www.wattpad.com/46308260-case-of-hart?d=ud Please read if i have any real followers this is the first chapter of my new story
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Welcome to the S.O.C (DW FF)

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Description: Have you ever wonder where the compaions went, after they met the doctor and stopped traveling with him? After that they join a secret group called the S.O.C. Ryan who is a 18 year girl, that accidently met t...

8 Parts - Completed

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