Hi everybody!

A little about me:
I love all animals (even the ones most people don't like, such as rats and snakes) especially wolves, cats, birds (especially birds of prey), jaguars, horses, and dragons.
I love to read, and I read very fast. I would love any suggestions for good books!
My favorite non-wattpad author is Tamora Pierce. Read her books! They rock!
I like mythology, of all types, and my favorite goddess is Artemis.
I have three pets (right now), a dog named Loki who we rescued in my neighborhood, a cranky calico cat named Fiona, and a tabby kitten name Finnigan.

Sorry, I won't tell you my name, age (though I will tell you I'm barely alowed to have a wattpad acount) or where I live. My mom is really paranoid (both my parents are) and I guess she rubbed off on me!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my stories!
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WingsOfFantasy WingsOfFantasy Sep 26, 2013 09:18PM
I just posted a new story, if anyone's interested. I would love any feedback you can give!
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