My name is Harold Wilson. No I am not related! Born in England, I emigrated to Canada when I was twenty-two to take up a teaching position. During my teaching career  I developed a highly successful approach to the teaching of chemistry (P.S.Chem.), published articles in various journals, and co-authored a book - The Role of Solvents in Chemical Reactions ( Not exactly a best seller). Tired of always writing in scientific style (impersonal) I joined a writing group.   Initially I attempted a series of memoirs meant for family consumption(Oh Henry!). Encouraged by the response of group members,I self-published these short stories .I have since written five novels, without ever attempting to publish. 
1. The Drustone - A humorous "Historical Fiction" unlike any other.
2. End of the Line- The tragic story of an English family who emigrated to Canada in the 1920s
3. Forever Young - A political satire
4. Bobby McGee - A tale featuring a village policeman in N.W. England.
5. Inheritance - a romance set in England during the swinging sixties.

These will all be eventually posted on Wattpad.
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Description: Swarthmoor, a small rural village in N.W. England is not the type of place you would associate with violent crime. Yet, in his first two years on the job, Robert McGee, the village policeman becomes entangled in two murder inquiries. Largely as a re...

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Leaving tomorrow for annual trip into Algonquin Park. No internet. I should be back in business August 5th.  Hope everyone has  a great summer.
McGee has an unexpected visitor. The latest chapter of Bobby McGee is now available. I hope you are now putting two and two together and making five.

Talk about being spoiled for choice! Loved some of the reasons you gave for turning down the "applicants". I could just feel his disdain for the brash #20.
      You say that his list reads as if he is looking for a golfing buddy - I think that maybe he should include "sports loving" as one of his criteria.
      The word "pernickety" was part of my grandmother's vocabulary. In Cumbria they don't include the "s".
      Another fun read. Voted.

As the invasive search was in progress I wondered why the "guardian" angel didn't interfere. Later in the chapter you explained the function of the angel - this came as quite a surprise.
      Some more vivid descriptions of the monsters lurking in this frightening world . I  didn't realize that Primus was wearing a mask - "heavy breathing under his mask"