I am a security engineer come web designer with a Bsc Hons degree in Wildlife Conservation & Zoo Biology.

I love to read, probably due to the escapism it provides and I discovered that writing allows me the ultimate escape.

So I started writing (obviously). Soon I had a few chapters of something I thought was excellent every time I read it back. Soon after that I lost it to technical problems. I stopped writing for a few years because of this and because I was studying the afore mentioned degree.

A year or so ago I had an idea for a book which kept developing in my head. I had to get it out.

Violet Sky came into existence.

I have now published it as a 23000 word novella across most ebook stores so there will be no more updates on here. For the complete story you can purchase the novella from Kindle for 77p! Here's the link:

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Violet Sky (Full Version Available On eBook)

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Description: Follow the adventures of Dia Thorpe as she travels across universes discovering the mysteries of her past with her android companion, Kant. The story takes Dia through incredible fantasy worlds as she seeks ou...

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