I'll remember Brightheart...When I see a scar on someone's face 
I will think of WindClan...Every time I win a race.
I'll remember Goosefeather...When nobody believes me
I'll remember Scourge...When someone's teased for being tiny
I'll remember Heathertail...When someone wants to be 'just friends'
I will think of StarClan...When I am near the end
I'll remember Leafpool...When I must follow my heart
I'll remember Hollyleaf...If I ever fall apart
I'll remember Brambleclaw...When I must prove myself.
I'll remember Spottedleaf...When I'm suffering from bad health
I'll remember Lionblaze...When I am feeling strong
I'll remember Tigerstar...If I chose the path that's wrong
I'll remember Dovewing...When I hear of something far away
I'll remember Cloudtail...When a kitten catches their first prey
I'll remember Feathertail...Whenever I must be brave
I'll remember The Tribe...When I'm in a cave
I'll remember Ashfur...When somebody breaks my heart
I'll remember Barley...When me and my siblings are far apart
I'll remember Ivypool...When I try to be the best
I'll remember Firestar...When my loyalty's put to the test
I'll remember the many battles...When I see conflict or strife
I promise to remember all of these cats... For the rest of my life
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