Name : Sarah

Age : 16

Appearance :
Hair : waist long blonde or dirty blonde hair I guess
Eyes : blue green
Skin : pale
Height : 5'3
The rest is whatever * shrug *

I am : a little girl and a pet ( kitten and bunny )

Birth date : 30 April 2002

Species : unknown blue eyed blonde fallen angel amongst other otherworldly things

Gender : female

Likes : rain, anime, roleplay, music, Candy, solitude, milk, flames, punching annoying people

Dislikes : bullies, judgemental people, school, my family, headaches

Fears : death, drowning, crossing dimensions, spiders, cockroaches ( cause I have a phobia of them

Relationship status : Taken by a sexy godlike Male that is my daddy ❤❤❤

Siblings : .......U don't wanna know

Pets : Black cat

Text me or whatever
  • wanting hugs and to punch someone
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Story by CutiePatootie😄
My drawings by WickedWitch18
My drawings
what the title says I don't know when I will update next I have drawing moods I'll try to draw frequently. En...