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Check these ^ people out that i love so much:

@The-Bunny-Prince Joshay, my gay husband, you are amazing, i love you♥

@Just_Danny We own a turtle named Anny Danya♥ Proud parents♥ ♥

@luke_is_here He is the crazy mofo♥

@Prismas_Tree He and I are the parents of a panda! Her name beautiful name is Pranya ( Our panda) He smashed our names together(:
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Famous (One Direction)

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Description: Sara. A Mute. A Deaf. A Rich Girl. But what happens when she meets One Direction? And she falls for someone that she never thought she'd fall for?


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It's way in the future now. Where people have powers of elements. Where these people go up against each...

His Wattpad Love - A MWL One Shot

His Wattpad Love - A MWL One Shot

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