I dunno.. I'm a HUGE Whovain.... I think at first The Doctor would be a little scared of me... oh my freakin Gallifray.


Hi, fellow Whovians! It would be totally brilliant if you would check out my Doctor Who one shot collection called Days of The Doctor! I recently started, so please don't start throwing virtual fish fingers and custard at me! If you would like to suggest any ideas, I take requests! I hope that I'll see you soon! Allons-y!


Hello my fellow Whovians! So tomorrow is Christmas. Yayayayayay! And we all know Christmas is a big deal on Doctor Who. So I'd like to propose my new book that I think you'd all enjoy. It is called, "Whovian Handbook." The book consists of how to figure which Doctor is your favorite, how to write a proper fan fiction, and how to survive a Doctor Who marathon. I'd also like to inform you that this book DOES consist of Classic Doctor Who things as well as Revived Doctor Who! (I would never leave out the history that brought us here today!) I hope you will come check out my handbook tomorrow! [That is the release date(Christmas)] Thank you all! Byeeeee!