Hey, there! :) I'm White Secrets but you can call me Holly, or Holi, depends on you. I'm 19 and I'm someone you don't usually notice along the corners of a classroom. :)) I'm a lover of God, music, and poetry, and... I'm some crazy lunatic when it comes to people playing any kind of instrument, especially the piano and the guitar and the violin. Just kidding! I just really have a fetish over talented people like that. :"3 

Moon gives me nightmares, but I still love it! Oh and I am usually inspired to write stuff at night, or I just take some of them from my dreams. :)) So yeah...You'll notice some unrealistic plot lines with me. :))

ANYWAY, thanks for stopping by! Hope you get the chance to read and leave a comment on any of my stories down there! :)

~ #Peaceout! Vb

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WhiteSecrets715 WhiteSecrets715 Aug 04, 2016 11:28AM
New poem is released in White Mirrors! Go check it out sometime? :)
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White Mirrors

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Description: My third poetry collection. All about truth, life, and it's different faces.


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