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I'm a little insane and I am prone to ramble about things till someone stops me, which is why this little bio of myself will be long and a bit of a mess. I'm a insecure nerd with a tase for the arts, and anything Historical and German. Coffee and green tea are what keep me functional, best drinks for a crappy day if you ask me.

Now that I have gone on about who I am lets talk about what I like. Ok now here is what I like, but not limited to.

I like books, and I like to write them (obviously) some of my personal favorites include The Phantom of the Opera (yes my name is a reference) Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Harry Potter Series, Sherlock Holmes, Hellsing, Les Miserables, and quite a few others. I am also a big fan of Shakespear, Edgar Alan Poe, and Alexander Duma.

Now along with books I hold film very dear, I aspire to become a fimmaker myself so naturaly so I like movies. I like any kind Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Action, and even romance when the time is right. Old, new? It matters nothing to me. I watch movies from the silent era to the big glamorous spectaculars of today.
Favorite actors?
*Christoph Waltz
*Peter Capaldi
*Alan Rickman
*Anthony Hopkins
*David Tennant
*Robert Downy Jr.
*Tom Hiddleston
*Gary Oldman
*Anthony Stewart Head
*Robert Englund
-just to name a few-

And yes like countless others on this site I like anime. Really I'm not much of an Outaku but I do go to anime conventions. I like Hellsing, Black Butler, Hetalia, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, and a few others that I won't bother to metion.

Other things I like:
*Iron Man, Loki- Marvel
*Musicals: Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Sweeny Todd, and Repo! The Genetic Opera
*Doctor Who

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