Ciao <3 ~!

My Name is Felice Venicia Vargas, and I'm Italy Veneziano's and Italy Romano's sorella~!!!

I represent Venice, in the north of Italy~!

I've been able to speak to a lot of people recently, and have made a lot of good friends~! I hope I can make more too~! Please talk to me, I'd really enjoy it~!

I like my country, but last year I went to Germany for the summer~! It was'a so cool~! There were big dogs and scary people everywhere~! And the beer was really good~!!! ....They didn't have much wine though... But maybe next time I see him I can teach him how to make it, ne~?

I also love going to Kalningrad, but it does make me sad sometimes.. I mean.. I always feel so sad and lost, knowing where it used to be.... *sighs*

Unlike my brothers, I really like to talk to Mr Russia, and really want to hug him ne~! I think he's a really nice person~ I wonder if he will be my friend...?

Big Brother Veneziano said that if I'm good, then I can Visit Gilbert and Ludwig this weekend~! YAY~! Maybe if i ask nicely, I can make Tiramisu for them~!!! I know they loved it last time~!

Feel free to talk to me, I might be shy at first but I'm sure I'll warm up to you after~! *grins* No matter who you are or what country you are from, I'll be sure to be friends with you~!


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thank you ~! :3 ))
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    With all of my friends~!
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WhiteFlagSee WhiteFlagSee May 18, 2015 06:41AM
((guys ;-; I really miss my friend kiwikirkland oh my god ;-; they just left and I'm saaaad ;-; guuuuys.... he was so nice I'm gonna cry ;-; still miss him ;-;))
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