Hello, my name is Amy and i'm from the beautiful island of Australia
I'm 17 and LOVE music :)
I like most styles of rock, a little light metal and some indie :)
I'm happy reading and reviewing our books :) but I warn you I only reveiew the storyline since I'm not a good writer myself.but If you want a honest opinion on your storyline or the way you've shown your storyline please send me a message :D
but if you ever just wanna chat send a message aswell I would love to hear your future ideas on stories and ect
you all probably have stopped reading by now but I don't just love music I love the idea of astrology or psychology... basically anything to do with people and there personalities :)
if there is anyone who is or knows stuff about native amearicans an there legends and myths PLEASE send a message I'm trying to find out more about that culture because it is soo interesting!
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Burn The Witch! if only she was one (Weorwolf story)

Burn The Witch! if only she was one (Weorwolf story)

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Emily Bane, is a young girl at the age of 17 when she gets accused of being a witch, she will be burnt a...

Hi Amy!!! As our username suggests we are two friends who love to read and write! We are currently working on a book titled, Tally Marks and would LOVE your feedback!!!! Thank youu:)
mcpct_15 posted a message to Weekly_review
So hi. I was reading your reviews, and halfway through them I was like, "What?!" I just had to come and say that I completely love your honesty, there's not very many people out there that will tell you right away that your story sucks. I requested a review before reading them, and now I'm not quite sure what I set myself up for... but either way, I need it. :) I love you so much and I'm just like, Ahh!! (no lesbo tho. not that there's anything wrong with it, but i don't roll that way) You're like about the same age as me, so that's so cool. And i totally forgot what I was going to write so... yeah. You're Awesome!! :)