Soy Laru y amo a los gatitush. 😻

Larry 💛🏳️🌈
«Now kiss me you fool.»
Pruno 💛🏳️🌈
«¿Pensaves marxar sense dir-me adéu, idiota?»
Hinny 💛
«You have green eyes like pickled toad and black hair like a blackboard when it gets dark.»
Stydia 💛
«Because I think you look really beautiful when you cry.»
Scalia 💛

Percabeth 💛
«Because you're my friend, brains of seaweed. Any other idiotic question?»
Jasper 💛

Ronmione 💛
«It's leviOsa not leviosA.»
Snowbarry 💛
«What if I went with you?»
Olicity 💛
«Felicity, he had you and he was going to hurt you. There was no choice to make.»
Scallison 💛
«I do not want you to be normal, I want you to be alive.»
Mileven 💛
«I never gave up on you.»
Hagustus 💛
«Okay? Okay.»
Dethan 💛🏳️🌈

Jethan 💛🏳️🌈

Thoy 💛

Series 📺

Teen Wolf 🐺
«Three things can not hide: the sun, the moon, the truth.»
The End of the Fucking ?

Merlí 💭
«Que les coses siguin d'una manera no vol dir que no es puguin canviar.»
Pretty Little Liars 🔎
«I'm back, bitches.»
Shadowhunters ⚔️

Star vs las Fuerzas del Mal ❤️

Miraculous 🐞

Gravity Falls 🌲

Girl Meets World 🌎

Flash ⚡

Arrow 🏹

Supergirl 👾

Legends of Tomorrow 🕑

Sagas 📚

Harry Potter 👓 [Completa]
«It is not good to let yourself be swept away by dreams and forget about living.»
Percy Jackson 🌊 [Completa]
Los Héroes del Olimpo [El Héroe Perdido]
Los Juegos del Hambre 🔥 [Los Juegos del Hambre]
Maze Runner🏃 [Correr o Morir]
Hush Hush 👼 [Hush Hush]
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Ella es peligro... Ella es destrucción. #959 - Misterio/Suspenso
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Enseñame a Amar [Pausada]
Ella es Tímida. Él Extrovertido Ella tiene buenas notas. Él apenas puede aprobar. A ella le gusta estar sola...
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