@MangaFreak @sweetmia17 we're triplets. the other part of the trio is @DoOrDieMyLove


Hi!!! *waves enthusiastically* I just stumbled upon your profile and decided to say hi. I like your profile picture but I am too shy to start a conversation. *smiles like an idiot* I am kloveyaoi1, but you can call me Kim (my nickname) um, I like making new friends so that's all. bye! *awkward wave goodbye*


@germanyitaly hello po....he's not she...he's he po....lalaki po siya....tama ka nga po may kaparihas po ang story nya....pero wag mo nalng pong ipagkalat at sabihing he doesn't deserve to have a fan cause he's been pirating stories..,pero sana po hinayaan mo nalang po....sorry po ah,ndi nman po sa inaaway po kita...paki usap lang po,wag mo nalang pong ipag kalat,,nabura na  po ang rebound story ng kaibigan ko...so sorry po....

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