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          	Hunting For Shadows is back.


One of my favorite story , I'll read it when it's completed already please finish the story :)


Lodi, I spent all day reading 'Hunting for Shadows' the day proved to be so emotional to me. I cried, I felt the struggle they both had to go through. War indeed puts every one in despair, I am glad though that you still gave them relief at the end of all the ruckus. You wrote beautifully and I can't wait what other beautiful things you will write. I will always wait for your beautiful stories. Who ever told you that the story was an eyesore, may have been crying while reading.  I know I did.  Thank you. 


hi otor super idol kita .the way you right your stories is...is ..ah basta magaling tulad na lng ng who's the boss , you just give us a view sa call center industry ., nacurious ako kaya nereseach ko na rin,bakit ang expert mo sa bpo field ( walng halong echos ) na notice ko lng  ..thank you sa mga stories na sineshare mo ..

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@potatoonaaaaa09 I really don't know what to say. Sorry, I'm not good at replies but thanks for the wonderful comment. Nakaka-humble ng puso. You could've read my story and moved on but you didn't. Thanks for the appreciation. Happy smile without echos like this. Seriously? You make more sense than me. Haha. Naguluhan talaga ako sa ending nito. So many ideas. But in the end, you gotta stick to the one na pinaka-honest para sa'yo. I get you, stories are not only written to entertain but to also talk about the realities of life. That being said, I'm glad you liked the bitin ending. Bihira yun sa reader. You're a rebel amongst rebels. Cheers! :)