I got a notification about the Protecting Miss Quirkless... was hoping to read it soon as I had been busy, but it doesn't show up at all?


I was notified you uploaded the book of Protecting Miss Quirkless again and I was pretty sad that it wasn’t there :< That book was my inspiration and reason to love writing even more :<<


I saw you re-published Protecting Miss Quirkless but then THE CHAPTERS WEREN'T FOUND but I SCREAMED SO HIGH BECAUSE YOUR STORY WAS WHAT INSPIRED ME TO START WRITING FANFICTION and I'm so grateful I found it! More than anything, I'm just here to thank you and that I'm more than glad that you came back! ❤




Welcome back! I'm curious to know about what happened to your bnha story? I used to read it all the time when it first came out until it left the face of the Earth! I hope you're doing alright, please let me know if you ever intend on bringing it back!