This account is solely for the purpose of promoting ORIGINAL books that seem to go unnoticed by the general public of Wattpad. Cliché's are all well and good, but don't you feel like originality has lost its spark because it has been extinguished by the overcrowding of stories that are deserving yet unoriginal? Well if you feel that way then Click the Fan button.

What we do?

Oh that's easy.


Promoters Library~ Enter your application form for a chance to be in an all exclusive library based on originality.

Interviews~ Enter an application for the chance to be in an all exclusive interview just for wattpadders with originality.

Reviews~ We're giving you the chance to have your book reviewed by our specially employed reviewers. They work for us, but serve you.

Editing ~ Looking for an editor to edit your book? Look no further. Contact our editor's to have only the best to peruse your book or grammatical errors.

Book Cover Makers ~ Needing a new book cover? The current one is soooo last year? Well just get in contact with our cover makers and expect 5 star treatment!

Researchers ~ Wanting to write a book about a subject you know nothing about? Not to fear, WPA is here! Just ask your questions on our book made especially for Researcher's who will get back to you A.S.A.P!

Wanting to apply for any of the above vocations? Just take a look at the 'Jobs' in our works and that should answer any queries! :)

Who's we?

@SofiyaA ~ You can call me Sofiya :)

@StrickenAurora ~ Call her Wendi :)

All application forms will be available in the Message Board below.


Any questions? PM us or go to our thread, we'll try and get back to you A.S.A.P. :)

Keep patience with us. Thank you.
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WattyPromotersArmy WattyPromotersArmy Jan 23, 2013 01:02AM
Hey you guys, I know this is really late, but things have been tight on our side. 
            But we have an offer, if you want to be an ambassador and be able to log into this account and help me then send...
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