I LOVE to read so I spend most of my time reading when Im on the internet I also love to write so I have plenty of stories posted and still in a book for ideas. I like talking to people so feel free to strike up conversations with me! I'm too cool to argue with ^_^. I plan to Publish my own stories some day and become successful in my works, that is one of my goals. I'm thankfull to all who comment on my work, good, bad, or irritating, because it helps me evaluate my writing skills and become a better writer. By thee way I'm Jamaican American in case you were wondering. My other goal is 300+ fans well followers now, it's nice to see my fan base is growing ^_^. I Hope people continue to enjoy reading my work as much as I do writing it. Thanks for all the support you guys, and gals :D

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Wishing for Death
To Love a Criminal
A Different Shade Of You

To Trust A Mate(Permanent Hold)

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The Music Box Dancer

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The Woman He Loved
Stolen Wonderland
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WallflowerXfantasY WallflowerXfantasY Sep 15, 2015 09:17PM
Sheesh I've been gone for a while but I'm working on chapters, hopefully i'll be updating again soon.
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Stolen Wonderland *Coming Soon*

Social data: 1.6K reads. 77 votes. 18 comments.

Description: BWWM (1st/ 2nd chapter Preview) Stacy was left in a orphanage at a young age. Eventually she befriended a boy who made her feel loved and cares for but all good things comes to an end, Stacy learns as he tell...


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The Woman He Loved *Coming Soon*

The Woman He Loved *Coming Soon*

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(BWWM)Through the dense forest and a trail up to the mountain, lives a man named Hail, who is not very f...

To Trust A Mate (Book 2)

To Trust A Mate (Book 2)

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(Hold) (BWWM)Book 2 in the to To Love A Criminal series. Shelly and Gavin are now the Alpha and Luna of...

Mary (Prequel)

Mary (Prequel)

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(BWWM) After a chemical breaks loose to the public over half of New York's population has become infecte...

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(BWWM) Marina Fisher is a pretty tough woman she is an assistant to a major ad company CEO. She lives on...

Mature Completed

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