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❥ Reader ❥ Writer ❥ Ever After High fan ❥ Child at heart ❥ Cartoon Watcher ❥ Anime & Manga ❥ VC Andrews adorer ❥ ✩Super Mario Galaxy lover★ ❥ Lady Gaga idolizer ❥ Haim fanatic ❥ Mika fangirl ❥ College Freshman #ClassOf2019 ❥ Biology (B.S.) Major ❥ Minors in Creative Writing, Spanish, and Health Science ❥ Soon-to-be physician & author ❥ Lover of the arts & sciences ❥ Humanitarian ❥ Believer in free expression ❥ Scatterbrained but Thoughtful ❥ Intersectional Feminist ❥ Favorite OST is Hans Zimmer - Time ❥ ❈Winter-lover☃ ❥ Open-minded ❥ Tolerant ❥ Busy Bee ❥
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✎❝Keep on writing even if your pencil lead cracks. If your pencil lead cracks, get a sharpener.❞✐
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✄I will not cancel or discontinue a story
✄Updates are sporadic
✄Critiques are welcome; however, don't attack me personally
✄I enjoy writing about taboo subject matter
✄I try to get a feel for most genres
✄I'm basic at making book covers
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Wackyweirdochic Wackyweirdochic a month ago
Update 10/26/15
      Okay, I found the root of my problems: grief and anxiety. A lot of happened over these months and I'm doing things to combat this issue - trust me. Do I still intend on updating my wo...
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Featured work.

A Lovely Impediment

Social data: 16 reads. 5 votes. 0 comments.

Description: About a boy with a speech impediment, who reunites with an old classmate.


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