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(×WARNING× most stories have some problematic elements to them that'll later be enhanced/changed. i wrote majority of the stories at age 15-16)

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❥ kay valencia is my pen name ❥ movie & tv buff ❥ biology premed student ❥ creative writing minor ❥ womanist egalitarian ❥ lover of the arts & sciences ❥ humanist ❥ music enthusiast ❥ anime & manga lover ❥ activist ❥ dedicated simmer ❥ casual gamer ❥

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❒reach top #20
❒10k fans
❒win a watty
❒edit a completed novel
❒get published

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✔100k reads (gtss)
✔10k votes
✔reach top #50 (loosb #24 humor on 12-29-16)
✔win nanowrimo (7-27-16)
✔complete 1 novel (loosb 9-26-16)

↘o t h e r t h i n g s ↘
✄more than likely not cancel or discontinue a story
✄updates can be sporadic
✄basic book cover maker
✄constructive critiques & suggestions welcome

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Stories by kay valencia
Hate Thy Neighbor by Wackyweirdochic
Hate Thy Neighbor Humor
Harper Tom - the school's biggest blockhead - bullies everyone and anyone in his way, but he especially takes pleasure in making Moxwell Drew's life hectic, whenever he has the time. Moxwell already deals with enou...
Locked Out of Spring Break by Wackyweirdochic
Locked Out of Spring Break Humor
[Warning: As I look back at the earlier chapters of this story, I realize the misogynistic/transphobic/homophobic elements 16 y.o. me--I was 16 when I started this--- included in this story & I am deeply sorry. Thi...
Be Ok by Wackyweirdochic
Be Ok Teen Fiction
A boy develops a broken heart, that may or may not be able to heal. [COMPLETED] Beautiful, simplistic cover made by @nicockla :)
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