✎Ɯɛℓcσмɛ тσ мʏ Ƶσиɛ!✐
↘b i t s a b o u t m e ↘
❥ bio premed gal ❥ creative writing minor ❥ womanist ❥ lover of the arts & sciences ❥ humanist ❥ music junkie ❥ anime & manga lover ❥ activist ❥

↘g o a l s↘
❒reach top #100 ranking at least
❒reach top #20
❒10k fans
❒complete 1 novel
❒win a watty
❒participate in nanowrimo
❒edit a completed novel
❒get published

↘a c h i e v e d↘
✔100k reads (gtss)
✔10k votes
✔reach top #50 (loosb #46 humor on 6-8-16, #38 6-14-16)

↘o t h e r t h i n g s ↘
✄more than likely not cancel or discontinue a story
✄updates can be sporadic
✄basic book cover maker
✄constructive critiques & suggestions welcome

↘s o c i a l m e d i a ↘
2nd account→ @wackyweirdochic13
view my watchlist→ http://wackywatchlist.weebly.com/
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Wackyweirdochic Wackyweirdochic Jul 11, 2016 04:38PM
So, I decided to unpublish Sunkist Boy, since I'm doing some mad editing to the first couple chapters published and have decided I'll republish the entire novel once it's completed for Camp Nanowrimo...
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The Sunkist Boy (CampNanowrimo '16)

Social data: 2.1K reads. 16 votes. 0 comments.

Description: Emilio Arlo AKA 'Sunkist Boy' is obsessed with anything that's Sunkist brand - Sunkist pop, Sunkist fruit snacks, Sunkist juice, Sunkist anything - you name it. It's been rumored that all of his clothes are th...


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Hate Thy Neighbor (Nanowrimo '16)

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Harper Tom - the school's biggest blockhead - bullies everyone and anyone in his way, but he especially...

Plummeting Virtue

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(New cover made by @Hecticly!) A homosexual teen boy with social anxiety tendencies is said to have been...

Code Red

Code Red

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A story of a boy with sociopathic tendencies being kidnapped during a Code Red at his high school.


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List