Hey there Im Emma O’Connor. Im English + a little welsh + Irish. Wow what a mix. Mixed bag + no Im not one of those people who say Ive been writing since I was in the womb. 

11 was the year I started. The year when the last Austin powers came out + Scot evil. I mean wow I was so much more then obsessive. So there for I put pen to paper + wrote my life were he was more then obsessive. + he thought I was beautiful + amazing + saw nothing at all to bully me over.

No Im not one of those people who do sob stories. Well I do stories which I have actually sobbed at but you know what Im getting @

+ my story Ive been actually writing it for well 7- 9 years. + every time I write I feel a little better about my self with every single word. There perfect + evil + bad + handsome + all the above.

+ my writing I never realised. Because it wasn’t meant to be all about me. But Im actually vicky every thing about her well I’m not ginger or short well not that short. + have a vampire on my arm + so on + so forth.

but I am she is just a better looking better every thing version of me. Shes perfect + Im not saying that I am but Im just saying every one has the same chance as every one else.

But I mean I so am + do you know when I realised I was on a ride at a fair a scary ride well it was to me but when I was surrounded by so many 12 year olds I reckoned it cant have been that scary.

Sat there watching waiting for the ride to actually begin. I thought to my self.

oh here we go ride aint even started + all 12 year olds already have there arms up in the air.

What a vicky thing to say so sceptical + well mean, but In a talking in my head so no one can feel offended kind of way.

Cathy Cookson I am not + never will be two reasons one she is way better then I could only imagine to be + two she writes what she see‘s feels tastes + knows. People always say write what you know because you know it there for you cant get it wrong can you.

yeah , wettpad.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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