Hi. This is winter. Thank you for visiting my profile.  I write teen-fiction, fan fiction and romance, so if that is not your genre then my stories are not for you. I'm 18 years old who wants to express myself through writing. I am still learning so please bear with me. 

Each story can stand alone although you may encounter some spoilers for each book so I suggested to read them in order.

You can interact with me on my twitter account! @ winterwrites_. Thank you. I love you.


Curajos Moale Series

- Melting Me Slowly (on-going)
- Fading Memories (on-going)
- Hold Me Tight, Mister (on-going)
- Broken Pieces (soon)
- In Another Life (soon)
- You Got Me Nowhere (soon)
- Bruises from the Past (soon)
- The Perfect Road (soon)

5 Seconds of Summer Series

-She's Kinda Hot (soon)
- Good Girl (soon)
- She looks so Perfect (soon)
- Amnesia (soon)

Twiter Serye ( you can check it on my account : @ wintearmelon)
- even at your worst (completed)
- the fixer of my broken heart (completed)
- hey ex-suitor, can I have your autograph? ( completed)
- where are you dummy? (completed)
- hate me more woman (completed)
- fake load giveaway (on-going)
- kill or die (on-going)
- face the consequences ( on-going)

Have a nice day ahead. Keep shining!
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