HI LOMLS instead of writing on wattpad, i've started writing on ao3. it'd mean a lot to me if you could check my marauders fit out on there mwah<3


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no bc u dont understand i love nikolai so kuch like i have a breakdown bc of him every day him not being real feels so illegal what the fuck the fact that i dont breathe the same air as him is so fucking mysoginistic what the fuck maybe if he was real and my best friend or boyfriend or literally anything idgaf i just love him so much what the fuck fucks sake im li love him so mf much hes one of my biggest comfort characters and kins i love him sm wtf alex i cant do this what the fuck im this close from writig a script and just shiftig to s&b during a fucking war. the darkling can eat dirt i just want nikolai sobs even if im his servant or something i literally wouldn't even care what the fuck SOBS


angel shut up stop writing books on our mbs and actually update yours HAHAHAH