I update when I can. Sorry. Not sorry. Actually, sorry O_O

-I can drive now! (if only I had places to go...)
-I'm pretty awesome (if I do say so myself XD)
-No, I lied, I'm a DELIGHT
-I don't like boys; I like men.
-I like math (plz don't beat me up)

1000 [x]
1100 [x]
1200 [x]
1300 [x]
1400 [x]
1500 []
1600 []
1700 []
1800 []
1900 []
2000 []

100 [x]
110 [x]
120 [x]
130 [x]
140 [x]
150 [x]
160 [x]
170 [x]
180 [x]
190 []
200 []
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The Diary of the Devil

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Description: The only way Greyson Skinuth could begin to describe his long time bully is as the devil. The devil is supposedly the most evil creature in all of the universe. And that is Max Callers. Max and Greyson hate each other. They're enemies, prey and pr...

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