Sup' :)

I'm Iden

I'm a lover boy

Treat girls with respect

Even when they don't deserve it.

Laugh at the weirdest shit

Even when it isn't funny.

Great at getting myself out of bad situations

Good with words.

I enjoy reading, so if you want me to read something of urrs lemme' know

I hate when people are sad

It makes me feel awkward.

I don't know how to deal with certain emotions

So I try not to feel them...

If that makes sense.

I hate candy

and anything else sweet.

Don't believe in doing drugs

That means drinking too.

I listen to all kinds of music

rock, hip-hop,rap...sometimes even pop.

I'm the guy who sticks out like a sore thumb-

perhaps it's cus' I write poetry.

I used to like to fight- a lot

now I'm pretty peaceful- sometimes.

I'm a sucker when it comes to kids-

Id let 'em get away with murder.

I've got a baby sister,

she's my life

she's three.

I'm good at listening

I listen more then I talk

Good at giving advice

So if you need it- just ask

I'm gnna' stop talking now, I'm starved...

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