I'm 20 years-old

I like to read a fair bit, you know because I don't have a life and all. . .

And sometimes I even write though apparently most of the time my brain just doesn't want to cooperate so I end up with notebooks FILLED with random thoughts and ideas. And sometimes those ides get thrown to someone I think might like them in the form of a comments left on their stories.
I also like to help people out with ideas and thing, but please don't go randomly asking if we're not acquainted. Because talking to new people makes me nervous, and most people don't get my brand of unique. . . lets just call it humour.

In a nut shell I'm a little. . . Quirky?
I like to read all sorts of different stories and have a constantly changing mind set so I follow and un-follow a lot depending on what is interesting to me that day/week/month/year etc. But the one thing that never changes is my love of a good plot with a happy ending.
As cliché as that is.

Anyway that's pretty much it. . .
I guess I'll see you all down the rabbit hole then :)

Thanks for your time!!!
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Reading Lists

So, lets call him Evil Jack Skellington, has big plans that involve Ethan and Ranger (but 'involve' in the sense that he has to be wary how he does things so he doesn't catch their attention). But now said plan also NOW involves Ella, as soon as Evil Jack Skellington finds out who she is.
      And the Big Guy (name? Tiny? :P) is EJS's Muscle/Henchman? I hope it's no one we know from previous incarnations of the story. . . 
      Anyway, it seems Ella's REALLY starting to feel Ranger's presence *Blush*
      But again I go back to 'the Pirates of the Caribbean', I'm not too sure how the jar will help. It kind of seems like the Jar of Dirt thing Captain Sparrow bragged about and we saw how that ended for him. .  .
      Overall poor Ella seems like a danger magnet and the weirdness will just pop-up regardless.
      *Sigh* Absolutely CANNOT WAIT to see how the story starts to unfold from here!!
      Until next week . . . ?
Violett_Night commented on Taiga - 55

Well Elizabeth said he was and after Milla called Elizabeth's phone he must have suspected she thought he was up to somethingso to cover himself he said he was expelling her. 
      I'm still voting for Wind though. Milla will divorce the creep who cheated AND allowed Elizabeth to be executed and she will be with Wind. 
      Even if you don't agree that's how it's going in my mind. 
      And Rosemary is another cousin to Wind? Or is she a closer reletive like a sister?
      I NEED to know!!
      But I guess I'll just have to wait. . . Update!?
Violett_Night commented on Hex - * E P I L O G U E *

Is there another in the series?
      I love these characters and I just hope this isn't the last I'll see of them. 
      I guess it's a happy ending, I just really wnat to hear more about Ruth and Brandon. 
      Oh well until next time :)
Violett_Night commented on Lupus Deus (NOT EDITED!) - (C27)

My feels hurt now and I'm almost crying. . .
      We'e not actually going to see an incarnation of the Death god are we? Because that would be both cool and creepy.
      Not to mention Algebra's pain could be easily toyed with if you did and I'm not sure my feels could take it. . . 
      Update again when you can.