I am a Weird  potato
I try to be funny but most times I fail epically
I love reading.
Singing and dancing are my passions and I write to release my emotions onto paper and not damage someones humanity by telling them how I feel face to face.
Yeah........I'm that person.
I enjoy making other people laugh, it's a hobby of mine.
I like to know that I can help brighten someones day no matter how bad they feel and I try to channel that positive energy into my books.
I will be sarcastic at times(all the time) but I don't mean for it to upset anyone...unless I don't like you.
If I don't like you, then i'll make sure you know about it. Heck, i'll make sure the whole world knows. My hatred for you will be written on my face and it will show in the way I talk to you. It's how Leo's deal with other peoples bullcrap, so I don't suggest anyone to push my buttons.
I will go to the ends of the earth to help you if you need anything and i'm a great friend, so don't hesitate to message me. I'm very outgoing and you can mess with me all you want but you sure as hell don't insult my friends...if you do....some shit will go down.

Other than that...... I am a fairly decent person(not) and i'm here to entertain. I hope you enjoy my book(s). Peace and Luv!

(P.S. Do go check out my alter ego, and my collab account @ViolaPawz2677 . Fluffy asked me to do a collab with her, and I gladly accepted and now we have a new collab buddy who just joined and her name is @Xxslay_gurlxX
Shes: #sweetness
I'm : #sourness
Fluffy: #everythingelse )
(P.p.s I'm secretly nice just don't tell anyone.) I'm not nice you guys, and I'm clearly bipolar. Follow at your own risk!



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