🚢Hello to you senhor/senorita or whomsoever you identify yourselves as!!!!🚢

This is your Captain,reporter and your investigative officer who goes by a name of Victoria Winters!!!!😎🕵️‍♀️

Beware of her as she can come in form of natural calamities against you if you go against her and her close buddies and including her books although her eight kitties are here to help too!!!

A totally coming vibe from her would be rude and obnoxious or better a shady fellow,people get scared of but she is a softie deep inside!!!

Getting to know this officer is hard but don't worry she is completely safe as she has both qualities of a wise and quirky Ravenclaw with a splash of resourceful Slytherin!!!🤓

She so happens to lean towards Cabin 3 as you people have supposed, yep she is a suspected demigod who fought monsters of evil in form of humans which is what is sometimes highlighted in her books!!!🛳⛴⚓️

What is even more obvious about her is that she loves nature so if you people so happen to be environmentally friendly peeps,she is the best candidate!!!!💐🌊🔥💨

So happens to be a huge mix mashup of this mysterious lady that she accepts everything except too cliche books which are also accepted since she values your works but never talk about it at times!!!👀😏

Favorite classic book of hers so happens to be Storm and Silence!!!!👌

Don't you dare tell me that my dreams are insane. Because my dreams are what I live for.-Lillian Linton

Knowledge is power is time is money-Rikkard Ambrose

Apart from books,she so happens to fight pirates everytime and lo! she is a warrior in disguise!!!!

She so happens to fight for justice for innocents than guilty people!!!! But would very nicely extend a hand on doing some random adventure with you if you come as a great fellow to her in some crime partner thing although she remains invisible...🥷⚔️💨

Anyway,chicas and chicos,have a great day!!!!
  • Sea is home and Hogwarts,mah place to study!! NO FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW!!!!! READ FOR READ OKAY BUT ON HIATUS!!!
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