This be @SweetBlasphemyKdot here doing this smelly bitch's about me!

He goes by the name Vico, but but that aint his real name(it's the abreviation-_-), no no, you can figure it out yourself (I had to!) took me 2months-_-
I regret the day I told him I killed a fly. It was the day we .. kind of..bonded..

I've atleast known this guy for 6HARDCOREMONTHS. Im still alive :'3

Hes the panda to my velcroo! Seriously. -_-
Him and my dad are BFFL. *dies*
He's turning 17 on Jan14th so he expects no birthday comments yeah?
He's pretty talented..for a guy..
He has a dog, called tequila:'3 shes adorbs, and he still owes me a pic.- And he owes me a pic of his '2pac'
Yes yes Vico, I remember everything :'3
His surnames rather smexeh you know O_o no joke,
His head gets bigger and bigger and bigger day by day. Seriously girls, this plonker will drive you to your grave.
He has a thing for redheads;]
Lebanese,Armenian,Egyptian & Arab. FRUITSALADBBY.
Okay, I think I'll speak the truth now, Hes a pretty awesome guy once you get to know him:] Real god damn clever, I feel so dumb when I talk to him -_- He will guarantee to make you laugh, no doubt about that. When ever you're feeling down or shitty and everythings going wrong, he'l pick you up and mend you. Worst part is? THE GUY READ ME LIKE A FUDGING MAGAZINE ON THE FIRST CONVERSATION WE HAD. Not-Nice! He has some real good wise advice trust :'3 But like he told me, only animated movies can teach us a lesson.
I honestly dont know where I would be with out this dick.
Hes ONE of the suns to my rainy day :'3
:3 <-- he likes that face alot. So do I bitch.
Check his books out: Hes a real good writer, and a good friend.
Most genuine guy I know award goes to: Vico.
SMAPID ♥ 'S VIDICK . eep he;s my bestfrend k? Dont fuck with him.
<3: @BettyD95

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xxPrincessSarahxx posted a message to Vico96
i read your story FWWL long time ago and i was really shocked when i realised that it was written by a boy xD but your book is really awesome. i'm gonna read it again bcuz i'm in love with this book :D
thelittlegirl1230 posted a message to Vico96
Hey there :) 
      Just started reading your story 'From wattpad with love'. I must say I found it quite interesting. 
      Is it inspired from the story 'my wattpad love' ?
delightteen posted a message to Vico96
wow, youre the first guy i found in wattpad!! btw i like your story :) its almost 4am here and i still read you story haha
Metal_Head14 posted a message to Vico96
Thanks, you seem like a great guy :) 
      That's nice :D I didn't have any luck in my stories :P they are either too boring to continue, or hit walls :P