What's druggin' my dealer ?

My name's Christa but ultimately i go by the name Jasper. I've had it since i was younger.
I'm very outspoken and never watch my words when i say 'em. So i come off pretty rude, to maybe, i don't know, EVERYONE I MEET.
I say twat a lot. Twat.
I don't take life seriously and probably won't take you seriously.
I'm a goof ball. I love joking around .
Red hair, don't care. I've had red hair since i was13. I'm 16 now and it's pretty much stuck with me since then.
I'm the female version of Houlden Caulfield from Catcher in The Rye. If you don't know about that book, you suck :p
I'm sarcastic af, especially to stupidity. So if you hate sarcasm, goodbye. ~
I'm German and African. Weird combination. I know.
I'm whiter than a ghost, i just can't get tan, at all.
I'm an ACTUAL skateboarder. Not like any of those amateur girls who are hungry for acceptance from guys. I longboard also. I'm also into softball.
I play acoustic guitar, piano and a bit of drums.

I talk to anyone and everything but i hate when people aren't funny, just plain corny, posers/frauds, or annoying. If i stop talking to you, mid-conversation it's because you're one of those things ooor, i just left for a snack ;3
Once you get to know me, i'll lighten up a little.
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ViaJasper ViaJasper May 02, 2012 02:31AM
@shownomercy Bahaha yeah. I'd rather older brothers. My younger cousin ( whos a boy ) use to live with us. Oh god, he was annoying. If he stayed any longer i probably would've rooted my hair out x')...
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