I'm Vex Vaudlain and I'm a Writer, Blogger and Overall Fan of Wordsmithing.

I should probably aspiring writer and blogger. I confess to being one of those writers who has a love for all things literature, but has only recently committed to sitting down and actually finishing one of my numerous novel drafts. Actually, I committed to sitting down and just writing PERIOD. I'm sure there are more than a few writers who had found themselves in positions like this at some point, or who are finding themselves in it now.

I write primarily horror and suspense, mystery, science fiction and fantasy - I'm a writer with my head in the dark thunderclouds, and I like it that way. This doesn't mean the occasional slip of romance or adventure goes amiss...

I started writing my first story when I was barely a few years into primary school - I had been introduced to books at a very young age thanks to my father, and it began a love affair with the written word that has lasted till now - and will probably continue for the rest of my life. That story is now long gone, but the love for writing will always remain.

I love to write, and I want somewhere to show that dedication - somewhere I can share my love and maybe, just maybe, inspire a few others to fall in love as well. I want to take you on an adventure through the world as I see it, and hopefully energize and motivate you to take up a pen (or a typewriter, or a keyboard, whichever works best for you!) and take that step to writing something of your very own.
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Nightmares and Broken Promises by VexVaudlain
Nightmares and Broken Promises
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