Guess who's back?! 😎😄

Sorry for being off for 6 months, I wasn't feeling very motivated and that kind of thing. I would explain more but I feel like I do that all the time soooo... Yeah! 😂

I'll try to write as much as I can without it seeming too forced, you won't have to wait a whole month which is pretty fantastic! ☺

I pretty much forgot about all the plots and series of the majority of these books so i'll try for you guys!
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Nightmares (Robin X Reader) by VanillaCupcake113
Nightmares (Robin X Reader) Fanfiction
(A/N:This a Young Justice Fanfic, with YOU in it! I finally figured out not to suck as much when writing, so it hopefully won't be too bad.) You and Robin are very close buds, of course no bond is stronger than of...
 Robins One Shots by VanillaCupcake113
Robins One Shots Fanfiction
These are one shots about the Robins. These include, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wanye.This book is meant for days im done with a book and im starting a new one but can't find a way to start it...
Dimensions  (Nightwing X Reader)  by VanillaCupcake113
Dimensions (Nightwing X Reader) Fanfiction
Your just a typical fangirl, sitting in your bedroom in your nerdy pajamas eating nutella watching your favorite show Young Justice. Typical right? Well what happens if you are SUCKED into the TV and happen to be i...
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