@Liaisons Haha I don't know about writing, we'll see. I see, another fellow Booksier! Of course I can :) Just let me know the details! Aw thank you so much xoxo


Man, I remember you were one of the first (or probably THE first) person I followed on booksie and read your story “Fake Fiancé”. I was so in love with the story, with your writing - so much so I’d leave really embarrassing comments constantly on your profile and on the book itself haha. And omg the sheer fEELS I got when I read “When Lightning Strikes”. Honestly. You never forget the books you read when you’re in that awkward stage of 11/12 years old. I still love both those books and have SO many fond memories of reading them both on Booksie and re-discovering them here on Wattpad as well. Anyway this is getting long, but I randomly thought of you today and I thought I’d drop by to let you know just how much of an impression you and your stories left on me. Hope you’re well wherever you are and whatever you are doing! xx


@english-rain wait a minute, you were on booksie too???


hey there. like every other reader of yours, I truly enjoyed reading fake fiance. The way you build up the character is great and each time I read a new chapter, I have this excitement in the pit of my stomach. Hope you would make a book about Keith! And hope you would get notice for your amazing book!! xx


Do you speak french? Because You have a story with the word fiancée in the title and you say "au revoir" in your profil...sorry for my english i'm french( but i can understand english)


@Leanne135 Hi there, sorry for the late reply! I can speak basic french :)


hey Vanessa... funny saying that since thats my name 2...but anywayz i haven't been on wattpad very long but since you have sooo many fans I'm guessing ur really good...can you please check out my book and tell me what you think I'm open for pointers. its called breath taking can inbox me if you like.. ..reaaaally hope you do.


it kind of sad when amazing author like you didn't get so much notice :( your books are great and you built your characters so great omg i really love your stories! ((well sorry for if im spamming lol)


@stxxlar Thank you, you're too sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed them and it's fine :) xoxo


It was a great and a different book(in a good way) ;)  …i love Jensen Ackles and Alex Pettyfer…so that explains a lot as to why i love this book!!! :D :D :D