Imma girl. I absolutely love reading all kind of books. I'm a total fujoshi and I also like girls love. Uhhh let's see I also like graphic novels. 
If you want to see more about my personality or about me in general keep reading! 😅😅

I'm very childish and I laugh at everything even like really dark stuff. People don't like my sense of humor very much. I'm very shy when I meet new people but if I know you I will talk your ear off. I'm really annoying to people on purpose idk if it's to see if they'll still be my friend or what. I'm extremely weird and crazy so don't hold it against me. Imma total book worm but only if I find the book interesting. If a book doesn't end like I want it to I stop reading it. I'm only really a picky person when it comes to reading. I have four siblings. Two brothers on my dads side and a sister and brother on my moms. No my parent aren't together and I hate my dad so yeah. Imma a really big introvert I hate the outside. Imma bad nerd 🤓(I like to learn but never study or really pay attention in class). I like meeting new people even though I'll be painfully shy 😣. I like to write but not on here I'm not that creative. I love vampires.I'm a really bad person even if I play very innocent 😇(don't believe it 😈😈). I hate people like even people idk I just don't like people I'm not a morning person but a night owl. I FUCKING LOVE BEYONCÉ!!! SHE IS THE BEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD!! BEYHIVE 4 LIFE!! 👑🐝!!

I have a lot of insecurities and I don't like when people yell at me I tend to walk away calmly then cry when I'm alone. I don't like to bother people with my problems. I tend to withdraw myself from human interaction. I have bad anxiety problems. I get sad often and I think I have depression. I put this on here because nobody knows me. Well that's it and uh bye I guess 🙋🙋!

P. S. Thanks for reading all the way done here. Here's a kiss for you 😘💋💋
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