Hey I saw that we have a similar taste in books.
          This is my first time writing a book and it would really mean a lot if you'd check out what I have written so far. If you don't want to thats fine as well. 
          I know the annoying self promo :( 
          TELL ME YOU HATE ME 
          Thea Jacobs. Athena Jacobs pride and joy. Her one and only perfect daughter. The poster child. perfect in every way. A+ grades, kind, down to earth. But trust me you do not want to mess with her. 
          Ashton Knight. The sole heir of the Knight Consolidates. The not-so-poster child. Trouble is the only way you could describe him. He reeks of money, alcohol, cigarettes, and most importantly bikes. No one has ever seen him driving a car 
          Thea and Ashton have hated each other ever since Ashton tore the head of Thea's dinosaur and in return, Thea made sure his brand new remote car was crushed into pieces. 
          It's been 13 years since that incident. Will those eyes filled with venom turn into love or will their hate rise above everything else? time will tell.


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