I'm me; that's basically it. 

--- <3 I LOVE <3 ---
<3 my three best friends
<3 my family (obviously *rolls eyes* felt guilty for putting best friends and not family though hehe)
<3 volleyball
<3 snowboarding
<3 piano
<3 music
<3 photography
<3 writing
<3 reading

--- <3 GOALS <3 ---
<3 Go skydiving
<3 Go cliffdiving
<3 Travel the world
<3 Get my driver's license-This one is kind of iffy after totalling the go kart 4 times (Once the guys at the shop said the only way I could have done it was if I was flying through the air at 60 miles an hour and hit a tree) crashing the mini motorcycle, putting the ATV on two wheels . . . umm . . . well I nearly crashed the boat last week 'cause I turned real sharp and there was this boat right behind us that I didn't know about so I turned and suddenly we were going straight toward it. Me, being the smart one I am, let go of the steering wheel and screamed "Ahh . . . boat!" Thankfully, my friend had enough sense to grab the wheel and turn us. Oops.
<3 Publish (AND FINISH WRITING!) a book
<3 Be a military doctor for 20 years, then retire from the military and get a couple thousand dollars of retirement a month-sounds pretty good eh?
<3 Become a Lyme Specialist and find a cure for it!

--- <3 FAVORITES <3 ---
<3 Color: Midnight Blue
<3 Place: My cottage
<3 Drink: Coke
<3 Food: Cookie dough
<3 Music: All Time Low, Goo Goo Dolls, Rob Thomas, Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Michael Buble, Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback

---<3---WATTPAD BOOKS TO READ---<3---
<3 Convincing Amy-stephii
<3 A Heart For Milton-TrudysTattle
<3 Forever Yours-BeautifulRose16
<3 The Last Dance-xoStardust
<3 What's In It For Me-Kit Bridges
<3 I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls . . . Pitiful I Know-Darknessandlight
<3 Rewired-JeremyGordon
<3 Kissing In The Rain-ThisChic
<3 Dance with Me-HiddenDestiny
<3 Any poems by 6kaitie6ka6
<3 The Descendants Saga-LJMichaels
<3 Dinner With A Vampire. Did I Mention I'm Vegetarian?-Canse12
<3 Midoria's Heart-Blazing_Dreams4
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The Dare - A Lisa McMann Entry

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Description: Get in, kiss the quarterback, get out. The simple dare becomes more and more complicated however as jealous girlfriends, scary football players, and nerdy house mates make their way into the picture, and soon, the night turns into something no one...


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The Escape - A Lisa McMann Entry

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Love this book and the one before, but I think Robert is ridiculously selfish. I think even in a normal relationship, without all the background stuff they went through, someone should be able to say that they want to go live elsewhere to be able to take some time to figure out what they want from life, without their partner completely freaking out and deciding to just wallow in bed for weeks on end. It wasn't like she was saying she didn't love him anymore or anything, she just needs to do what's best for her for a bit. The fact that Georgie has gone through hell for years, had her whole life taken from her, and Robert can accept her wanting to leave just seems to self-centered and selfish to me. He keeps talking about how much "they've" been through, but honestly, he went through 2mo of getting kidnapped and then getting his life back, while Georgie lost everything, and has been beyond abused for the past however many years. I just feel like he hasn't grasped the severity of that, and is really only looking out for the fact that he wants her to be with him, not what is really best for her.