Hello wattpatters or whatever your called!!! I write and if you dont like, sorry. Please read anyways!!! 

I am 17
I'm taken

I just want to be friends and there to talk to =)

Color- red
Number- 17
Sports- hockey, baseball, volleyball, and dance
Animal- white tiger
Music- to many to count
especially Journey

-I'm Canadian and proud of it!!! Plus my best friend is Hawaiian!!!
-I will be your bestest friend, if you take a chance and talk to me!!!

***Screw being a princess or a vampire!!! I'm freaking BATMAN***
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    My Own World!!!
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    Apr 09, 2012 09:44PM
Unforgotten Unforgotten Jan 14, 2014 07:04AM
@Hayraelee thanks for reading I'll be trying to post something new here soon
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