So I've seen that you have stumbled across my page......hmmmmm well I guess I should tell you about myself. 

1.) I aspire to be many things such as:

**Note: That just spelled Asap lol:)

2.) I love to write stories, have my whole life. I love writing romance book, oh and Werewolves...yipeee

3.) I love cookie monster, He's sooooo fluffy who agree's?

4.) I'm a Gemini (MAY @@ baby!!!!!!) So that influences my ideas yeaaaa....Also it make me feel animated lol

5.) I <3 people who believe in my work and my writing it gives me so much inspiration:)

Sooooooo Ta-ta for now
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Unexpected_Turns Unexpected_Turns Oct 29, 2012 02:00PM
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The Monster You Are

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Description: The Monster you are..... You see Henry wasn't always like this, he used to be sweet, kind and caring. He was my best friend, but now I don't who he is anymore. He's become cold, bitter...


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Barely Breathing

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