I'm in year 8and I'm basically a big piece of sinful trash. Video games and karaoke are a big must if I'm at a party (of mine obviously) or just in my room or on the go. I love FNAF, Undertale, BATIM and Cuphead!
My hobbies:
Making weird scenarios at school with my boyfriend!!!
Me and two others, (AmytheDreamerNeko and Und3rtal3_L0v3r) have a little surprise coming soon for y'all so don't cha worry bout it!
This page is run by 3 people,
1) Me, Undertale_Lover24605, but you can call me UTL or Auther-chan if you wish, but you can call me anything the isn't mean or inappropriate.
2) Hi, Y'all! I'm Tiger! Also known as Tea or T. I used to work as an AU savior along side The Star Sanses! I'm also engaged. I'm engaged to Error!Sans. I used to be human but I died in a fire, and the reason why I have one eye is that Alphys f-ed up when moving my human eyes to my current body so Gaster did my other one so I have one eye and I cover the empty socket with either a metal plate or my hair.
So thanks for looking here!!
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AU XReader lemons by Undertale_Lover24605
AU XReader lemons
This is basically where I do random $hìt and I take requests 2 so feel free 2 leave a request (or 20)
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Ask Tiger and Hook! by Undertale_Lover24605
Ask Tiger and Hook!
Tiger: Hey! Hook can ya believe it! We don't have to spend our lives just on DA Hook: wow...I've never been s...
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Cover book by Undertale_Lover24605
Cover book
Just leave me a request if you want me to draw you a cover for your next book! :D All covers for my books wil...
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