Your acc first comes to mind, like literally. Your one of the few accounts that I list on my memo to check upon once I decided to log again. Im worried that you might lost your acc, family emergency or dead. If your just not into a mood to write its okay!! Been waiting for HxH for years so, 
          It's been a year since I use Wattpad and decided to log in. Your acc is the first thing that comes to mind. One of the few accounts I have on my memo to check on when I decide to log in again. I'm concerned that you might have lost your account, had a family emergency, or ended up dead(Got some cases on ao3). It's okay if you're not in the mood to write!! I've been waiting for HxH for years, how hard could it be?:)


ding dong~ are you still alive? if there's a personal reason reason as to why you haven't updated,  I hope it gets better soon and if there is no personal reason, I'm just looking stupid...
          anyways, have a good time, bai, take care~


          I rlly enjoyed Miraculousxakumatized reader and ik lots of others did to and I wanna know what happens next? Do they take down the aunt and uncle? Does Y/n keep her powers? What about Jaku the Jerk? If u could possibly update or make a book 2 that’d be AMAZING! Or if u would allow it could any of the readers continue the story as like a part 2? Tysm for ur story I loved spending time reading it!!! 
          -KC x